i7 macbook pro 7200 internal drive vs 5400

J Fo

New Member
Hi, I'm about to buy a new 'Thunderbolt Macbook Pro' with an i7 processor. My options are a 500GB 7200 rpm drive or a larger 750GB 5400 speed drive. Which one should I get? My last complaint was that I ran out of internal drive space too quickly on my last laptop, but I would like the faster drive.

I am going to use it for live shows with probably 24 tracks of audio, and a couple of plug-ins per track. Yes I know I could bounce everything down, but I don't want to have to do that all the time. Some of the time I will use an external audio drive, but want to put my important NI and Logic library content on the internal drive.

.... so 7200 or 5400 speed drive for my new macbook pro? remember, I'll need to use this for the next 3 to 4 years. Can a senior member throw some insight my way? I have two friends that are very experienced logic users give me different answers. It's space vs. speed.

The faster/smaller drive is better. I replaced my old MBP drive and the speed was significant as far as speed goes in booting up, copying, installing, and I was able to run Logic Pro and get more tracks (when I was only using the Mac for composing).