Logic Pro 7 & earlier IAC and Logic


HEy guys,

I have an IAC track setup in Logic which allows me to access MIDI on a standalone instrument. I can HEAR the track but it wont record. What am I doing wrong? I tried realtime and offline bouncing. It's a simple track with the standalone set to outputs 1 and 2 in Logic.



IAC only deals with the midi information, not the audio. So, your IAC tracks in Logic are triggering the standalone app via midi just fine. To record or stream that audio back into Logic is a separate task.

If you have a multi I/O audio interface, you could physically patch some outputs back to some inputs and record it that way. Or, you could use an app like Soundflower. This is like a virtual multiport audio I/O that lets you route various inputs and outputs as needed. To use this though, you'd need to either create an aggregate device, or change your core audio device from your current interface to Soundflower.

Unfortunately, there's no one click easy way to do this kind fo thing that I know of :(


Yeah- I dont want soundflower or jack Pilot. The sound is horrible. I have tried using my MOTU 2408 to get sound of PLAY back into Logic. Ive tried running outputs 3-4 out back into 3-4. Doesnt seem to work. I saw someone do it with an apogee ensemble. Maybe thats the way to go.

Lincoln M

Very New to LOGIC9 and xtreme NEWB to this forum...

Wondering if there were any updates on this set up - I am trying to do the same thing, but with Jack, and I'm having some trouble.

What makes it worse is that I had it working perfectly for a while, then renamed some IAC midi ports in audio/midi set up and assigned some port selections/channels differently in my standalone app(play) and I don't know after that. At some point It started gettin kinda funky.

My current symptoms are:

in the Environment - midi data from my axiom is recognizable - on/off/velocity messages etc.

When I press the piano keys on the standalone w/ mouse notes play coreect and clear.

When I play notes from axiom in arrange window - latency, no off messages (loops? sum not connected in environment), hiss, crackles, and eventually standalone crashes.

So have deduced that audio routing is probably ok - midi to the standalone must be the issue?

HELP! (please)