Logic Pro 9 IAC w/ Channel Splitter input puts process on last thread


So I am using Log to host my Virtual Instruments. I use mainly PLAY and Kontakt. I use Hollywood Strings and Brass and Symphonic Orchestra and they take a ton of resources.

I have it all set up great, IAC to Channel Splitter (in), Channels Splitter 1-16 (outs) to Multi-Timbral MIDI Tracks.
It works fine except unless Logic is actually playing a Plug-In Virtual instrument as opposed to the way I am using it where it is just hosting it and the MIDI data is coming from another source (Finale in my case), it puts all the processing on the last CPU Processing Thread (core).
I cannot seam to create a work around such as creating an Audio track and activating the record. I was hoping this would force Logic to balance out the processing threads. No go though. I am thinking about getting VE Pro to host this type of session but I don't know if that is a better DAW to host my plug ins whereas the cores will be balanced.

Any thoughts?


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