Logic Pro 9 Icons Prefs?


Happy New Year Everybody,
I have been organizing my Logic workspace recently (channel strip settings, instruments etc) and have created bunch of icons (in Photoshop) for use in Logic. Yes, these are the little icons that are in the Arrange window.

When I create a default instrument, I see that Logic defaults to Icon #225.
Unfortunately, this icon position is my "Fem Vocalist icon."
I don't see any prefs to change which icons are the default in Logic. :eeek:

I know I can just change the order of my icons but don't feel like doing that.
Anyone have a clue here?

Thanks in Advance.
Hi Charlie,

Had the same issue, and I would suggest that you start the numbers of your new icons from 300 or so, and above.

That way, the default icons work as expected, and your new ones are after them.

The Logic Icons are inside the Logic Application itself. Right click on the application, and select "Show Package Contents", then "Resources" then "Images". You will find all icons in there.

Be careful messing about in there though: Mac an archive of your Logic app (right click and select "Compress Logic Pro) before you try anything. That way, you break it, you have a quick recovery ;-)

George Leger III
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Will do. Thanks, George.
Out of curiosity, what's the worst that can happen from changing the icons around?
I mean, other than possibly being burned with the "new" icons being replaced by Logic's default icons when upgrading, for example...
Am I messing around with voodoo when I change icons???
Thanks again!
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