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Dear Logic Pro users I am in need of some expertise please.

I have for the past few years been successfully running Logic Pro X on a 2008 Mac Pro 2.4Ghz dual quad 8 core machine with 16 GB Ram using two external hard drives, not SSDrives.
More recently when adding orchestral arrangements and synth parts alongside Superior Drummer and in tandem with audio recorded guitar, bass and vocal tracks my machine really struggles.

After much research I have decided that because I use UA Pcie cards and a MOTU pcie card the only affordable and easily implemented upgrade would be to acquire the last and most revered 2012 Mac Pro, a 12 core machine fitted with SSD's and plenty of RAM.
Here is my question : What is the ideal amount of processing power and most efficient Mac Pro system that is required to run Logic Pro in tandem with software drums and Kontakt instruments?

Solid State Drives being an obvious improvement in any system, I wonder, is it worth my while finding a hot-rodded 2012 Mac Pro with 12 cores and, say 48 gig RAM or am I wasting my time trying to improve on an already stable system that will see little improvements by spending money that I don't really have?

I almost certainly want to stick to the tower/pcie format as opposed to buying even more ancillary gear as required by using an overpriced iMac pro or new cylindrical Mac Pro.

All help and advice is greatly appreciated
Kindest regards from Lndon UK
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Have you compared single and multicore Geekbench scores for the 2008 and 2012 MP? Home - Geekbench Browser

At this time, the 2012 MP is supported by MacOS Mojave. The question is how many future versions of macOS before support is dropped. Even if it is, you can stay where you are with the tools you have for some time.

Have you seen external PCIe chassis? UAD is on the list of supported devices but not MOTU. Check in with MOTU to see what they say.

A non-pro current i7 iMac coupled with the PCIe chassis could be an option.
If cost is a concern - it's always a concern! -, the 2012 MP will be somewhat of an upgrade. You'll have to interpret the difference in Geekbrench scores. SSD will provide a noticable improvement in start up times and reading samples.

Another cost option is to stay with your 2008 MP, upgrade it with SSD drives if that's possible in that year MP, and bounce the Kontakt and SD tracks to relieve the cpu stress.


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wrt UAD PCI cards and external PCI chassis, there are some compatibility issues, at least regarding using the Mac Pro 6.1 "trashcan" with a UAD2 PCIe card:

while the Mac Pro 5.1 is a very fine computer (IMNSHO really the last Mac that unreservedly deserved the "pro" moniker), as CSeyementioned, the primate labs scores do indicate that it is getting quite long in the tooth. Just as food for thought, the current Mac Mini is quite a bit faster.....

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Be careful with the external PCI adaptors. Intel made changes that make it difficult if not impossible for drivers to be written for some PCI cards. If you're not interested in spending a zillion on the new Mac Pro, it might be time to retire the older PCI cards. At this point you can't even be sure that older PCI cards will work with the new Mac Pro, or that drivers for the OS version it uses will be available. I've pretty much abandoned my MOTU and UAD cards and gone to all USB and Thunderbolt.

One alternative is to have an old Mac that hosts the UAD and other cards and set it up as an external rack device, using digital audio connections like ADAT between that and a new Mac. There are latency issues but these can be addressed with standard plugins as you might with any external effects.