ideal set up using late 2011 imac


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hi people

i am in newly formed duo and am running latest logic, latest osx using late 2011 imac with my firewire port taken by my focusrite saffire 14 (albiet it dumbs down the firewire 800 to 400). my single thunderbolt (1) port runs my fab lacie rugged ext ssd for logic projects fine, but my tired old 1T ext hdd (currently partitioned so as to accomadate the seemingly pointless timemachine without it eating whole drive)-the rest of it having sample libraries and some backup logic files on it. when i boot up tho, its taking longer and longer-emitting nasty sounding "whiiiiirr-unk..." kinda false starts several times until eventually getting itself going. i presume its dying? (disk utility first aid doesnt come back with anything wrong)-even if its not, tbh, i would like to get new drive for samples etc-but what type? and connected how? usb 2.0 pretty slow-but my interface got the firewire, my ext ssd got the thunderbolt-whats the best way to go? i am finding it difficult to try get anywhere looking for ssd with thunderbolt (NOT 2 or 3) input as well as output...willing to consider any options? anyone?