I'm confused


I have a MBP 13" 2.53 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 Gb ram and I run Logic 9.1.6 on it. I want to buy a MCP 13" 2.9 i7 that 4 core with 8 Gb ram but I keep on reading about people struggling with Logic running on Lion and especially 32 bit plugins not working or that has been lost because not 64 bit...
I need a platform that can open all my plugins and actually i don't know which ones has been updated to 64 bit use.
That's why I was thinking to keep my MBP and simply change the HD to a 750GB 7200 RPM and upgrade the ram to 8 Gb that apparently would be used only by 64 bit applications...but as i wouldn't use them then...not worth buying it? it doesn't make any sense to use Logic 9 running 64 bit with together with 32 bit plugins on an old computer.
Is a quad core i7 going to give me a big improvement in terms of CPU compared to my Dual Core?? Should I stick to my old WORKING configuration or should I take the risk and spend hours testing a system that everybody complains about?? I really don't know what to do. Please help me figure it out. Thanks
Easy one: MOST plug-ins have been updated to 64 bit. Just make sure you upgrade them to the most recent versions.

A core 2 machine is a poor platform for the current version of Logic, an i7 CPU will make a huge difference. That said, get the FASTEST machine you can get, speed is still the most important factor and 8 GB of ram should be good for all but the most "sample based" composition.

I would also suggest 2 things: Get an SSD for your system and some samples, and take a look at the OWC solutions for removing your DVD drive and replace it with a 7200 RPM HD. A 500 GB drive is about $100 or less, and the kit is about $40, but it will make your system a perfect portable recording system (depending on the interface you are going to use).

BTW You might also wanna geta DVD external case for the DVD...

I just purchased a 2013 2.6 GHz MBP (non retina, since you can't upgrade the thing at all), have a 480GB SSD and 500GB HD, and the thing is faster than a 2010 2x quad core 2.8GHz Mac Pro.

Nothing to fear ;-)
Fwiw, there is no thing such as a quad-core 13" Macbook. Yes, there's an i7 model but it's dual-core.
Georges suggestion about replacing the optical drive in favour is a good one, but I'm not sure there's still kits for the 13" MBs - at least one vendor making them where I live is only offering solutions for 15"/non-Retina models anymore.
The times that you could indeed update your Macbook will be over pretty soon, I'm sure with Apples next socalled "update" even the non-Retina models (respectively *any* model offering enough space you could put another drive in), if there will still be any, won't offer you any such options.

So, if you plan to do anything like that, it's time to hurry and get a non-Retina 15". Or buy a Hackintosh compatible PC laptop...

- Sascha
DON'T go for the 13 inch. I have a friend who has one, and really REGRETS getting the smaller one. He has said so many time that he would go to the 15 inch model every time if he had another chance. He thought the smaller model would be much better, but was very unhappy with both the slower CPU and the overall screen size.
First of all thank you guys. Yes I made a mistake thinking (hoping) that the 13" i7 would be a quad core but it isn't. Is it better like this? I'm telling you because I don't really know how much Logic 9 takes advantage of the 4 cores...so is it better to run it on a dual core at 2.9 GHz (MBP 13" i7) or on a quad core at 2.3 GHz non retina 15" i7?
I've been speaking to everybody at Apple Store and also at Tekserve and nobody really answered to my questions...I like the option that George suggested but it's expensive. I'm gonna sell my MBP 2009 to a friend for $700 and I can't spend more than $1600.
I also got to know that it 's not a good idea to buy a non retina MBP because Apple will release their "new generation" of MBPros and I ask my self where will professional users put all their data if they will be equipped only will SSDrives...external hard drives?? Pfff...
I might just keep my old MBP and put a 750 GB 7200 rpm with 8 GB ram that apparently I don't need...today I've been monitoring my mac during playback in Logic and ram wouldn't go over 3 GB. The session has 38 tracks with VSTs, FX and audio channels with a lot of inserts. No channel is freezed...
This situation reminds me when I was a PC user and I bought my HP workstation...Cubase was not ready for a quad core and I was not happy about it.
I didn't wanna buy a 15" because I bought MAC to perform with Serato and 15" laptops don't really fit in the majority of DJ booths.
Hope you will help me take the final decision. Thanks!