I'm Here to Learn


I began learning Logic Pro in early 2023 after obtaining a new 64GB MacBook Pro dedicated to music production. I'm a musician, spent years on the road, and have been involved in multi-tracking since the days of Teac 4-track reel-to-reel 1/4-inch tape. I moved on through 8-track 1/2-inch to the crossover hybrid 8-channel Tascam DAT machines, [Digital Audio Tape: they recorded digitally, but stored on video tape cassettes!], and many of my published pieces were recorded using 2 DATs and 2 early Tascam digital mixers running in parallel, [that gave me 16 tracks], while also relying on the 16-track sequencer in 1 of 2 Korg synths. For about two years now, I have been doing all my final mixdown work on N-track, and my limited experience using that DAW has brought me here - to learn. ~Lefty7
Welcome to the LUG, enjoy the long but satisfying journey of learning Logic!

kind regards