Logic Pro 9 I'm new to this.


You haven't given any information about what you specifically want to do with Logic. If you're not doing any heavy lifting, you might not need the absolute top of the line processor.

But, if you want to leave as many options open as possible and plan to run huge projects with lots of processor intensive third party plug-ins, and can afford it; yeah - the 12 core will SMOKE!

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Is thunderbolt the monitor? Im considering just getting the imac just for that purpose.
No, it's a lot more, but you can use a thunderbolt port for a monitor.


I was going to get a Macpro as my old one died, but decided in the end to go for an iMac.

A macpro was going to cost £5K, and not have thunderbolt and probably not have a very good resale value if the new ones come out in a few months.

The iMac is a great machine, and probably will get a much better resale price if I do decide on a macpro when the new ones come out (if)

But I imagine now I will stay with it, it has enough for what I do.