I'm now remembering why I don't use Mainstage!


I just want to use the loopback function and have it function.
Why is there no metronome options for the Loopcrap feature?
I get a straight click only with the same tone for all beats.

WHY THE *#@& CAN"T I ADD A Klopfgeist? It's not available in the software instruments? & in trying to figure out these issues I've found that the File>Project>Project Settings ... Project Settings are never highlighted or available??? Is that where the answer is?

Musicians didn't make this program did they? It was only made to frustrate them!

Using the Loopback function, try and select a four count preroll, start the metronome, hit record and good luck figuring where to come in. Even if the metronome started and stopped when you hit the record button, that would work... BUT IT DOESN'T! The preroll count starts on the next one beat. BUT ALL THE METRONOME CLICKS ARE EXACTLY THE &#@! SAME!

MainStage 2.1 (32bit)

Someone please help me before I go insane!!!! ?

At this point it's nothing I'd want or trust enough to have onstage with me. Am I missing something? These manuals suck!

I expect to be paid for my BETA testing Apple!

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Someone please help me before I go insane!!!! ?
Nobody will help you here. You chose to go to the "Moan Zone" subforum. Here is the end of the world, only moaning, whining, drinking, eating poisonous mushrooms and yes, :brkwl: headbanging.

But if you have too few metronomes in Mainstage, you may need to go a little creative. Click here to see a selection.


Thanks Pete

I had to go somewhere and blow off some steam. I'll collect myself and regroup then try and be a little more refined in requesting aid. Thanks though, interesting idea for the visual metronome. There's usually a work around with this stuff if you can think abstractly enough. It's just so nice when things function perfectly for the end user without much bandaging.

I'll explore that idea.

I just found out that the heaters in my house aren't working so I might have bigger fish to fry here in the middle of our Colorado winter.

Uh-oh, glad I cut lots of wood!



I hate that I'm the type of person that won't rest until he figures something out. After some studying Apple must have removed the access to the klopfgeist (the knocking ghost) because it was essentially useless in Mainstage, like the other options are any better!? All I needed was the one count so here's my work around.

When I start cussing you know there's work getting done!
My neighbors have gotten great at dodging flying computers, it's getting expensive!

I start from a completely empty "Concert Template."
I actually go in first and delete everything.
I want to build from the ground up.

That's not necessary, just the way I prefer, and learn best.
This will work on any template

In "Layout" mode make two buttons.
Size them how you like, I also prefer them to be horizontally side by side.
I like to color the first one red and the second blue.
Move into "Edit" mode.
Select the first (red?) button.
In the "Screen Control Editor" "Unmapped" tab select "Actions"
Select "Beat Count" in the adjacent menu.
Now select the second (blue?) button
In the "Screen Control Editor" "Unmapped" tab select "Actions"
Select the "Metronome" option.

Now when you hit the (blue?) button the metronome will start and the (red?) button will light up on the one count. If you stop the audible metronome clicks by hitting the blue button again, you'll still have the gorgeous blinking light to mark the one and the beat counter to hold your place!


Now add a Behringer1010 and this program http://www.wabbitwanch.com/iFCB.html

You'll be ready for some functional looping!

(Figuring out how MIDI controls work and function is a whole bigger can of worms, GOOD LUCK!)
Nothing like being a self taught engineer!

Apple, you can pay me with a beautiful and sharp, amazing sounding (INTUITIVE!) amp and pedal board for us Bass players on the next updates, thanks!


A little Victory

Just wanted to post my first successful loop from loopback.

Another annoyance is that when you export your loop, no effects or eq's are saved with the wave. Only the raw stuff. I wonder if you place the plugin on a different channel strip if you'd get the effects? ... Or under the effects in the same strip ... Humm???

Since I had to go back and add my effects I figured I'd toss in a drum track and just go ahead and .zip the template I made to show for you to explore if you'd like? The pops you hear in the audio are my switching instruments. Amateur thought he had stopped recording when he pulled the plug.

Find the file here:
Hey that sounds pretty cool and all in synch! Nice tone on the bassy loop too.
I have a midi pedal but I'm new to MS.

How did you get to record the first note on the first beat (so to speak) and get a nice synched loop of exactly the right length?

Where I'm coming from:
On my hardware looper (a DigiTech multi effects) you dial in the tempo (I can see where MS gets this), set a 1 bar count in (I see MS has this too), set Quantize on - well, that's what Digi call it - it just quantizes the loop to the nearest bar line - (this I can't see how to do in MS) and hit record. When I'm done, I hit the play button and it instantly starts looping. If I hit the rec button, I'd be recording the next loop of course.

I'm sort of stuck trying to see how to get the same in MS. Is it the "quantize to bar" that I'm not seeing?


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i can't get the metronome to work. i see you made a blinky things, but i need some good audio metronome for my drummer. and i also agree with you, its stupid not to have a blank template option.

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@ Brian Stone

Brian, here was a post from you. Because you answered to a question of nickfromknights and he continued in "Logic Studio Applications", I moved your contribution to that place:


The last posts here are neither off-topic nor moaning, so it is better anyway to continue this interesting thread in a regular subforum. Hope you agree with me.

Peter (wearing his admin hat)
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