Logic Pro 9 iMac 27" with only 1 FW port


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody has been suing the New iMac 27" with only 1 FW port for heavy recording and processing with Logic 9.
I saw that the CPU power is definitely up to par with the pro machines but I am a bit concerned regarding the fact that they only have 1 FW bus.

Any real session experience?


No actual experience with this imac, but depending on the interface you select it "Should" work. I'd suggest putting the I/O at the end of the FW chain. I know that macbooks with a single FW input works with multiple devices drives and I/O attached. I think that as long as you aren't trying to stream 16 analog outputs from your I/O you'll be fine.

Are you thinking about getting the one with the i7? I have to admit that I'm very very intrigued by this. The benchmarks are mind blowing.
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Every Mac only has 1 Firewire bus. The presence or absence of multiple physical ports doesn't change this. Only having 1 physical port is merely in inconvenience if you have lots of FW devices to plug in. You'll either have to buy a FW splitter box or use the FW thru connection on many FW devices.
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I've settled on purchasing a quad-core iMac with the i7 processor. I can tell you a little about the "single Firewire port" performance question.

I currently run Logic Pro 8.02 with a MacBook with a single Firewire port. I record audio through a USB interface (and am thinking about the new RME Fireface UC). The audio is recorded to an external Firewire drive. I have a second Firewire which holds loops and audio instrument files (EZDrummer, Garritan GPO, AppleLoops, etc). These two are daisy-chained to the Firewire port. This setup has almost never given me any problems during recording or playback. Two caveats: The most I ever record at once is two tracks and my songs max out at 30 or so tracks plus numerous auxes.

I'm an amateur and all of this is just for fun, so I know I'm not nearly as demanding as someone who makes a living using Logic.

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