Logic Pro 9 iMac for Logic 9 ?


Hey ryguy76,
Glad to help. :) Given the workload you described (no more than 2 audio tracks recording at a time and up to 24 tracks in a project) I would not expect for you to have any issues. The cache will help, but keep in mind it holds recently accessed data for fast access and does not aid for addressing new data (like when you are streaming). No big deal though, again because of the plug ins you have and the size projects you are using. I would be comfortable starting with the one drive if I had the same requirements.

You will need the 800 drive to plug into the 800 port. The price difference will be zero or not much, depending on what brand you go with and what interface options their drives have.



Well, I am almost question free on this subject... I must be learning something.

I believe the final question would be whether I should be using USB2 or adding an additional fw drive to the daisy chain. My thoughts are wanting to keep that fw bus as trouble free as possible without lots of clutter, but what's a smarter move with my setup.

I am looking at the following OWC drives from macsales.com, to start with.

- 500Gb fw 800 (16mb cache) used for recording
- 1 Tb Usb2.0 for backup
- 500Gb (16mb cache) for Samples (undecided on usb2.0 or fw800)

Any further suggestions?


I can tell you what I have setup and I am trouble free. Actually, it is quite close to what you have.

FW 400 - MOTU 828Mk2
FW 800 (but running at 400) - 2 Glyph FW 7200 RPM Drives, one is samples, one is projects. Samples daisy chains off of projects FW to FW. A USB2 drive also daisy chained that is used for backup. A third FW drive daisy chained for video (I don't do video and audio at the same time.)

USB 2 Port 1 - Connected to a USB2 hub with 3 USB2 drives connected to it. The first is for samples, the second is for video projects backup, the third is for Time Machine Backup. My CME UF 76 MIDI keyboard and Alphatrack are also attached to this hub.

USB 2 Port 2 - Connected to a USB 2 hub with 2 USB2 drives. Each holds sample libraries. iLok and Synchrosoft keys are also on this hub, as is my Mac Keyboard. (I like the wired keyboard as it has the numeric keypad.)

I've not had any problems at all with pops or clicks or anything related (furiously knocking on wood!).

I should also add that all of my USB 2 hubs are powered hubs that supply 500 milliwatts of power to each connected device. I also have a third USB2 hub that supports other attachments including 2 Blue Snowball Mics I use for voiceovers, etc. on videos, Tranzport, a Korg Nanokey and last of all 2 iPod connectors.

You should be fine with the USB 2 drive, just make sure it is 7200 RPM and you will be good!



Hey ryguy, no problem with "hijacking the thread". I am learning alot from the exchanges. I appreciate everyone's input greatly.


Thanks Kevin for all your help. I think that answers all my question regarding this subject for me... For now anyway.



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I am new to Logic Pro 9 , but not apple products. I am running a Mac Mini on a 32 inch HDMI Monitor with a 80$ 8GB RAM upgrade from Crucial. I CAN NOT Crash this thing. It has More than enough power for a home user. If $$$ is a factor go with a Mac MINI rather than a I MAC or Powerbook Pro. With the Money saved you can buy other equipment or monitors etc.....