iMac Pro problem with Logic X score


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I just bought a 10 core iMac Pro together with Logic X.
As I expected everything is working superfast, except the score window.
Selecting a note or symbol there takes about 3 quarters of a second before the blue box around it appears, after that inserting it in the score takes the same mount of time before it appears there.
Being a composer I select notes and symbols for hours every day, so you can imagine this behaviour is not what I expected from ‘the fastest Mac ever’ (as Apple calls it).
According to Enterprise who tried everything with Logic and the OS (high Sierra) the problem (which they could reproduce on another iMac Pro) seems to be CPU related and they will pass it on to engineering who may maybe try to find a fix.
For me it is very difficult to work this way, it is like painting and see the strokes that you have painted appear later than you painted them. These things have to be instantaneous. I never had any problem with this on my Mac Pro and Logic 9 and of course I am very unhappy with this new computer that I bought to be able to work faster. In fact my Atari ST was faster and cheaper!
Anybody recognizes this problem?
Is there no delay at all, is it really instantanious when you insert a note? And when you choose another note from the partbox, is there also no delay at all?
Do you have a 10 core iMac Pro? Which graphic card did you choose? And the latest Logic version (10.4.1)? High Sierra?Do you use multiple monitors?
A lot of questions, sorry! The point is: Enterprise (Apple Care) have succeeded in reproducing this problem.
But now it is not clear whether the problem is CPU, GPU, O.S, or Logic X related..So it might take some time to find a fix.
I hope you can answer these questions, it would really help!
Thank you!
Sorry to ask again: You say: 'No more than usual'. On my old computer (Mac Pro, Logic 9) there was no delay at all. I clicked and the note was on the screen at the same moment. 'No more than usual' suggests that you have at least some delay?
And again: do you have a 10 core iMac Pro with High Sierra on it and Logic 10.4.1?