Logic Pro 8 import DAT files to Logic 8?


Need complete help on importing DAT files to Logic 8. I use MOTU Ultralitemk3
with an iMac dual core Intel. Please assume I know nothing about this procedure so I need "thorough" info. My first post, hope it works. Thanx Tony
First off, read the beginner manual that comes with Logic so you have some kind of an idea of what you need to do, and what things are called.

I am assuming you have already installed the driver for your audio card.

1) Open Logic Pro,
2) Make a new blank song, don't use a template
3) Make sure you have the correct sample rate, in the song settings/audio preferences.
4) Create a new stereo track, and make sure input 1/2 are set (or 3/4... some of the motu cards work like this for some strange reason)
5) Run some of your dat to confirm that you have level
6) Start recording, and then start playback on your dat
7) once you have recorded your data into your Logic session, open the audio editor, and delete any data you don't want in your master file.


Pete Thomas

Staff member
I'll add to what George said, as you mentioned "Please assume I know nothing about this procedure so I need "thorough" info."

Make sure you are transferring digital to digital, ie connect the SPDIF out of the DAT to the SPDIF in of your motu, using a digital cable. (unless the DAT and motu have an optical stereo digital I/O in which case you can use that instead)


Thanx George for your very quick response. It's about what I thought it would be, just wanted to make sure I was onto something. I've been using some form of Logic for the last 20 years starting with C-Lab on my first Atari up through all the reincarnations and haven't been disappointed once and Logic users are a special club of musicians. Thanx again, Tony


Pete, thanx so much for the info on DAT to Logic. Appreciate! I was born in Southampton after WWII and loved touring England and the rest of the world. Mostly with Woody Herman and Buddy Rich and many rock bands. Love the road and Indian food in the UK. Thanx again, Pete. Tony