Import Scores written in Sibelius 6.2.0 into Logic Pro 9.1.7 32 bit

Hi All,

I had written a Score using Using Sibelius 6.2.0 and I want to import the scores written in Sibelius into Logic Pro 9.1.7. Could you please tell me how to do it?

I want to import it individually Eg - Track 1 - Flute, Track 2 - Piano, Track 3 - Violin 1,Track 4 - Violin 2 , Track 5 -Cello...etc

Waiting for your reply...

Doug Zangar

I don't use Sibelius, but I'd bet you need to export as a Standard MIDI FIle and bring that into Logic. I think if you have your score in Sibelius set up as track one = flute etc., it will show up that way in Logic. This should work pretty well for the MIDI notes, not so sure about articulations etc.