Logic Pro 9 importing an mp3 into a file


I thought I'd done this before but I'm unable to import an mp3 file that goes with an imported midi file into Logic. I can't seem to find anything about how to do it as using import or any other method that I can see doesn't work.

After doing this I'd still have to correct the pitches of the audio sample and I'm not sure how to do it but that's another question which I'll put in a separate thread.

Thanks in advance.



Open the Media pane (top right corner) then make sure to click the "Bin" tab at the top of the new window. Select "Add Audio File" from the "Audio File" menu and find your mp3. Logic will make an .aif copy of the mp3 file to work with and (usually) put it in the same place as the mp3 file.

Pitch correction can be achieved either with the Pitch correction plug-in (for minor tuning issues) or one note at a time by selecting waveforms of specific notes in the sample editor and using the Pitch & Time function.


Thanks Sonny,

I was finally able to do it by dragging the aiff from the audio bin but the audio editing is another story. In this file especially, the singer gets wobbly on the final long notes of phrases and I'm not sure this would be described as a "minor tuning issue".

I suppose if I was able to fix, in another file (not in Logic), major rhythmic problems, I can do this as well but waveforms give me the jitters.