Logic Pro 8 Importing audio files and tempo question


New Member
Hi guys.

New to the board and still pretty new to Logic. I've had it for a while but I haven't worked so extensively in it to call myself a user :)

I have a question.
I have a track that I did in Ableton and Reason/Record that runs at 135bpm.
I create a new project with Logic 8 and then proceed to drag the tracks from the "Browser" section in my arrangement, each file to it's own track.

But the tempo's not the same. It's as if the tracks that I've dragged in are slower than the 135bpm I set Logic's tempo to. They are exported at 135bpm, though.

I imported the stems into another DAW set at that tempo and it works fine. :brkwl:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.