Logic Pro 8 Importing audio into logic pro


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I am trying to import audio tracks from a mackie HD24 machine into logic pro in order to edit and mix them. I am wondering if there is any way to import the files at origin. ie when I have overdubbed say a vocal line in a song and have just dropped someone in for that one line, I need logic to place it at the correct place in the song when it is imported. Otherwise it takes hours of trying to line everything up in the correct places. I know this is possible in cubase but can't find the function in logic. Thanks for your time


if the files are time-stamped then you should be able to use the function "audio/move region to original record position" although if I recall this only worked with certain audio file types. I remember a discussion about this involving importing Pro Tools sessions back in the days of Logic 4, where you could drag in a whole tangled pile of files in a heap and use this function to magically place them where they belonged...never used it myself although it works well when you find that you've accidentally moved something that shouldn't have been moved.

The easiest way I know of would be to consolidate all the files on the Mackie, i.e., bounce them all internally starting at bar 1, beat 1, then import them into Logic and just drag each one to the beginning of the song. Set your tempo to match-I think you need to lock smpte position on all files first-and once it lines up you're ready to slice and dice.
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