Logic Pro 9 Importing files from pro tools.. tempo/sync?

Rodney D

I have some wav files that came from pro tools. I have already imported the wav files into logic 9, however the song tempo was not in sync in logic. It was at the default of 120 bpm. So I used the BPM counter plugin and found the correct tempo. The drums lined up perfect but the vocals are still off. When switch the tempo back to 120 bpm, the vocals are in sync with the drums but the files are not in sync with metronome in logic. I seen this problem fixed on a YouTube video but I can't find the video. In the video, the guy set the tempo and all the audio including the vocals lined up perfect. Its was something like a global fix and he didn't used flex time. Please help me fix this. Thanks
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weird, when I've had to do this the tempo information was imported along with the wav files as it was embedded in the files. Unless, and this is a long shot, they were very old wav files and not bwav (broadcast wav). I think years ago there was a distinction between wavs and bwavs, being that the wav files did not carry the tempo information and the bwavs did. Confused yet? LOL

another thing that you might want to check is whether the song you imported the files into had some tracks locked and some not locked (lock SMPTE position) I'm pretty sure I've run into similar problems when adjusting tempos when I didn't realize a track, or several, were locked.

the other approach, which I've used many times, is to consolidate the protools tracks so they all start from bar 1 beat 1 (regardless of where the music actually begins) and then drag them all to bar 1 beat 1 in Logic. Find the downbeat and adjust the tempo till the bars line up. Often (because of minute differences in clock speed) you will have to go out to three or four decimal places and nudge up and down a little at a time, but in about five or ten minutes you can get the thing lined up to the grid (assuming it was played to a click to begin with!). If it wasn't, you can create a tempo map in Logic and end up with the song on a grid as well, but it will take a lot more time!


ive found that when changing the tempo in logic, if my audio files are not consolidated, i need to lock all the files first. otherwise stuff gets moved around.