Logic Pro X Importing Midi file from Sibelius


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I've imported a midi file from Sibelius into Logic Pro X.
I am finding that only one of the tracks is heard. That's the track on Midi channel 1.
For a multi-instrument midi file like this one, Sibelius will give each instrument a different midi channel: 1, 2, 3 , ... There does not seem to be a way to change that behavior in Sibelius.
I looked at the event editor in Logic to see if I could change the midi channel for a given region to channel 1, but am not seeing an efficient way to do this. Only a way to change the midi channel for a single event, not all events in the region.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this? The only way I know of now to get around it, is to export each instrument from Sibelius, as a separate midi file. That works, in the sense that everything is on channel 1, and the tracks can then be heard, but is quite cumbersome in Sibelius.



I did have a look there, but what I seem to need to do in instead is to take tracks set to Midi channels 2, 3, 4 in my project, and set the Midi channel to 1 for all events , in order to make the notes be heard.

After the "Split MIDI Regions by Event Channels" procedure the newly created MIDI tracks are set to Ch.1, 2, 3 etc. Just select each track and set its MIDI Channel to Ch.1 manually. In this case the track Channel setting will work as a realtime channel transformer.
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