Logic Pro 9 Importing OMFs


I may have overlooked it (or I may have searched using the wrong terminology), but I haven't found much documentation on importing projects from other DAWs using OMF. Even Orren's "Logic Pro 9 Power" was a little light on the topic.

I have a number of incomplete projects I need to import from Sonar 8 into Logic 9. My first attempt (a very simple project, with one stereo audio track running the length of the project, one audio track containing a looped region, and one MIDI track controlling an external instrument) got amusing results.

My technique:
- Save the project in Sonar 8 as a Type 2 OMF
- Use the "Open File..." option in the File menu in Logic Pro 9 and select the OMF file in the browser

My results:
- A Logic project set to Logic's default tempo (as opposed to the original project's tempo)
- one audio track created from the original stereo track that ran the full length of the project, but the region is an Apple Loop playing VERY quickly (I have no clue as to how Logic decided the value for original tempo of this "loop"- but is WAY slower than the default project tempo)
- two more audio tracks with alternating instances of the looped region (spaced at intervals that make no sense to me - but it got the original tempo of the looped region right)
- and no MIDI track whatsoever

My questions:
- Is there any way to set the tempo of the project, so that it imports the OMF initially at the correct tempo?
- Is there a way to have Logic not import the audio as Apple loops? (I know I can correct that after the import, but on larger projects that could be cumbersome.)
- Why would the MIDI totally fail to import? Shouldn't I have at least ended up with some sort of track appropriate to MIDI content with a MIDI region in it, even if all of the settings for that track bore no relation to the original project?

And finally, is there a better way to import projects from another DAW (like Sonar) than using OMF files?

Thanks in advance,


Export the MIDI tracks as an SMF.
Export the audio tracks to OMF.

In Logic, first import the SMF. After import, set the correct tempo. (Same is true when importing into Cubase).

Then import the OMF.