Importing patch names with Auto Sampler


Using Auto sampler 2, I am trying to import patch names from a text file and keep getting an error saying "0 patch names imported" with a sub text "The imported names and patch numbers went into the currently selected patches", yet nothing gets imported. Anybody have any light to shed on this?
Initial question: have you selected the patches in AS2 before importing?
The imported names go only into the selected patches. This is useful if you have multiple files to import.

Yes. I highlight the 1st 16 patches and import a simple text file that I created that has 16 names listed each followed by a carriage return. I do this under the menu item Patches/Import patch names.
Just names is not enough, you also need patch numbers, so your files should be like this:

0 MyPatch
1 Piano
2 Strings
3 .....

Also make sure that the file is in txt format, not rtf.
(Or you can send the file to and we'll gladly check it here).