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Hi guys,

I'm new to logic and was wondering wat is the best method for importing audio from Protools into logic.

I record in Protools and want to mix with logic but wee bit confused to the process of how it's done in logic.

I want to make sure all data is in correct position and not needed nudged.

1 last thing is there any videos showing how to correct drums in logic.

There's no magic secret for moving audio from the one app to another. Just consolidate everything per track in Pro Tools so that it is all starting at the same place. Then bring all those newly created audio files into Logic and start them all at the same time. That's the basic process in a nutshell.

And as far as editing drums, you need to be more specific. Editing them how? MIDI or Audio?
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Welcome to the forum! Look under "Studio Techniques" section of the forum. There is an 11/24/09, last reply 12/10/09 thread titled. "Importing a ProTools session."
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I have found over time that the best way for me to get audio from Pro Tools to Logic is to export the Pro Tools session as an OMF file. If that isn't possible then the next best way is via Eli's suggestion of consolidating all the tracks from the same start point.

I'v spent much time on the DUC, and have found that "Helpful" and "Willing to Post" are two completely different things. ; )

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