Logic Pro 8 Importing tracks


Not directly from another applications document, no. No program will do that.

If Sonar will export an OMF file, that can be imported into Logic and will have all the files.

Another common way to move from one DAW to another is with the use of exporting Stems, or audio files from Sonar. I believe Sonar makes that very easy. I think there's a command that turns all tracks into audio starting from bar 1. I'm no Sonar guru though, you'll need to check the manual.

Solid State makes an application that is supposed to convert Any session type to any other. It's a little pricey for 1 project, but if you do this a lot you may want to look into it. Not sure if Sonar is supported, but Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools are, so it's worth looking at to see.

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