Logic Pro 8 imprecise cycling


Just getting used to using Logic after being a Cubase user for 15 years.

Here's the problem :

Editing a multitrack drum take (not in Logic Take mode, just individual tracks/files). consisting of bass drum, snare, overheads and hi hat. I go through the take to find a good 2 bar loop, moving the cycle marker along to audition 2 bars at a time. I find a loop that seems in time with the click and focus in on it. I notice from the waveform that the Bass drum on beat 1 of the loop does not fall exactly on beat 1, yet I do not hear the Bass drum clipping. The front of the waveform occurs slightly before beat one. So I check that I am not hearing the bass drum on beat 3 - at the end of the loop - no, that occurs outside the loop. So I cut the loop using the scissors and move the loop to new tracks. Now I hear that THE BASS DRUM IS CLIPPED. Just as I thought it would be from looking at the waveforms. Just to check I wasn't going mad, I checked the original take again. It seems that when in cycle mode, the playhead skips to JUST BEFORE the beginning of the cycle!!!

I then imported a stereo drum track into an empty song and discovered that it did it again ie a loop that sounded perfectly OK when heard in cycle as part of a whole take, sounded clipped when heard in isolation.

Obviously, if this is "normal" with Logic, it's a deal breaker of a fault for me, so I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.
Logic 8 was full of little quirks, but I don't remember that one. I've always done my looping of drums in the sample editor - you may need to defeat snap to zero crossing, if so you may need a fast fade in to avoid a click/pop.

This would only do one instrument (as you have an audio file per instrument). You could quickly trim the other drum regions by first selecting your edited region in the arrange area and use set locators by region. Then select all other drum parts and use crop outside locators (I think this command exists in L8).
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