Impulse Response as wave files?

Hi there,

Not sure if this is the best sub-forum to ask, but all the others didn't look better, either, so I'll give it a try.
I'm currently creating a bunch of impulse responses of some guitar amp/speaker and what not stuff.
Works fairly well using the Impulse Response Utility, but well, it only seems to save the deconvolved files in .sdir format. There's also no option to "show package content" with those.

Now, I'd like to use my precious IRs in a hardware box requiring .wav files.
I'm wondering if I could get a deconvolved file out of the utility (or in any other way) in .wav format. Is there any way to easily convert SDIRs? Or are the deconvolved wave files (which SDIRs are based on anyway) stored temporarily at some other mystic place I don't happen to know of?

Fwiw, I'm still using Logic 9 on Snow Leopard, but I don't think the IRU has seen much of a change since then.

Thanks in advance
Ah well, found the solution myself. You can just rename SDIR to AIF. Guess the files are losing some header information in that case, which might be very important in case you're dealing with >2 channel SDIRs, but as the IRs I'm dealing with are strictly mono, I'd guess I'm sorted.