Legacy Apps in LP9 I used Waveburner for Red Book CD now what?


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I bit the bullet and went Logic Pro X plus updates etc.

My dilemma...
In Logic 9 I used to mix my songs then master them in T-Racks then produce a Red Book CD by using Waveburner - simple... or so I thought.

How do I achieve the same in Logic X? I have 14 songs that I have mixed to a point where I am happy with them and I want to bounce them and master them in Logic rather than T-Racks ok pretty sure I can manage that but how do I now produce a Red Book CD if I can't use Waveburner, what else is there?

With Waveburner I could add the relevant song information including ISRC numbers and barcode etc what do I use now.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.



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Why not just keep using Waveburner? You can still access and use the Logic Pro 9 suite even after installing LPX.

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