Logic Pro X In Need of Beatmapping Assistance


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I have an audio click track that varies a few BPM in tempo and I want to lock it to a fixed tempo so that the transients line up on the bar markers. I've followed instructions online and can't this to work properly The closest I've gotten is that the transients line up for the at the beginning but they drift later than the bars lines the longer the audio file plays. What I would like is for the audio click to line up so that when I playback Logic's Click track with it, they both stay in sync. Can anyone walk a beatmapping newb thru the steps to do this?? It seems like it should be simple. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.



why not cut a bar or two of the click, flex time it/quantize to the fixed tempo you want, the duplicate it for however many bars you need? Is there something special about that click? Why can’t you just use (or record) Logic’s click at the tempo you want?


Michael F Clef-your reply is blank on my iPad..just one lone period. Anyway my point was, what would be the purpose of beatmapping a click track that’s drifting (?)..just record a new click track. OP said he wanted to lock it to a fixed tempo, so...

maybe what he meant was, he wanted to have Logic follow the variances of the click? I could understand that, if the click were part of a multitrack analog tape transfer-but what he said was something completely different..hence my confusion.
Sorry about that blank post. Anyway....I thought jbarish meant that the project got more and more out of synch the longer the track played. My experience with this is that it is often simply a symptom of tempo. For example My guitarist sends me an audio track that he recorded at 120 b.p.m. but when I drop the audio file in my Logic project I have to set the tempo at 119.3725 bpm or whatever to have it be in synch from start to finish. I'd rather do that than flex time the audio track. Problem solved. Yes, this is a different problem than tempo drifting in and out of all variations of bpm throughout the audio file. I haven't had any experience with that particular problem and I've never used beatmapping.