In the year 2020 we still don’t have a way to siphon patch names from device?


I’ve been using Logic since 2005, and have owned many hardware synths over the years. I do a lot of virtual instrumen work too, but sometimes, I wanna just compose using external patches... so I have multi instruments established for my synths... they’re all saved into my new song templates, but here’s the rub:

Every time I’m buy a new (Or used, but new to me) hardware synth, there’s no easy and quick way to get a new multi instrument set up. Am I missing something? Is there some sysex workflow that others use to suck in patch names to a multi-instrument object? Or do you just RTFM of the synth and manually (and might I add tediously) type in the names, and figure out the bank messaging protocols?
or is there some massive online treasure trove of environments, full of pre-programmed objects, that I can freely download?

example. I got a Roland RD700nx and it has lovely sounds.. but the bank organization is not the typical banks of 128... however it’s using standard MSB/LSB bank changes... so I could go through and configure it Manually... but geez, not fun.


Don't expect Apple to make this any easier for you. They'd rather have you go all Soft synths, because that is what will tax their computers and ultimately make you buy a new one. Driving 28 external devices won't.


Have a look at Cherry Picker. It makes .midnam files and perhaps .middev files. I've used it with a syses dump and a bit of text editing. It might make some parts of this easier. I've also seen third party sites that host and share the environment instrument setups used in Logic.