Logic Pro 8 including assets in re-saved file


Why when I save the project as a new name and don't select "include assets" (so as not to create duplicates of files) it greys out the assets preferences box and doesn't copy imported audio to the project anymore?? What am I missing???

Thanks for any insight-



Hi studioj,

I'm not sure what your workflow is here, but it sounds like you want to save a new version of a project already in progress that contains audio, and continue working on it.

Why not create a project folder for the main project, with assets, and then do a "Save As" with a different version number contained within the same project folder. I do this all the time and it is a great way to keep things organized. All the files related to all versions of the project are contained in the one master project folder. And you can have as many "Saved as" versions you want that you can create at any step along the way in developing your project.

PS: If you save a project without assets, it's not going to copy imported audio. It's going to reference the original. This is expected behaviour.

PPS: You do know that the include assets thing is not an all or nothing choice? You can open the disclosure triangle in the assets section of the save dialogue box and specify which types of assets you want to include or exclude...
Thanks for the replies. Yeah, just moved from 7 a couple of weeks ago so still getting used to it...i didn't realize that if I checked "include assets" while saving as a different name in the same project folder that it didn't create a whole new project folder with all the audio copied into it. Keeping "include assets" checked does what I want it to do. Thanks much all-