Logic Pro 9 Incompatible Audio Units found

Hi Guys,
i have a problem drives me crazy.
everytime i start logic, one au could not be found,
it is the apple au speech synthesis.
i dont need it, but i always have to click on continue, to start logic.
i can not find the folder, in which the system au are, i would just delete it.
i already deleted the cache, didnt help.
i reinstalled logic918, not helping.
is there a way, to permanently disable the au speech synthesis?
it is disabled in au manager, but logic always tells me about au speech synthesis could not be found.
please help


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You didn't mention the Automap software you use. You need to boot this up, and deselect the apple au speech synthesis from the list, then rescan. This will remove the auto map version from your AU list in Logic.
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thank you george,
i tried that before, but unfortunately the auspeech synthesis doesnt even show up in auto map...
see screenshot...
or did i miss a step?


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You will need to find a copy of the AU, put it back into the correct place, and rescan the AU with Automap, then uncheck it and rescan 1 more time.

Q: Since I don't see it in my system, I have to assume at some time you had a text to speech app in your system that added this in order to convert one to the other. Did you?

This kind of stuff is the reason I gave up on the whole Automap thing. Trying to delete missing things or updated versions became the ultimate PITA.
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Hi George,
i uninstalled the automap software, and reinstalled it, now its all fine.
since its not the first problem with auto map, i decided to keep auto map installed, but not to wrap any plugins.
i can still automate tracks, most of the instruments and most of my fx, without having the whole double listings...
thank you for your help, i really appreciate it...
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Automap is truly a pain sometimes. You can just trash the Automap listing, it resides in:

Delete it (or put it on the Desktop), restart the Automap server and you're good to go :)
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