Logic Pro 9 Injecting MIDI into logic


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Hello all,

I'm looking for information on a way to inject MIDI data directly into Logic. I'm currently just searching for either sample code or information.

I have a data source (university project data) which I plan to run through conversion software that I write. I would like to make the output from this software look like MIDI instruments on different channels.

I'm struggling with two things:

1) When I make a software instrument track in Logic how do I tell that track that it's MIDI data will be coming from particular channel?

2) How to actually inject the MIDI data from my software. I've seen lots of examples on creating .MID files but have yet to find one that shows how to actually pose as say a keyboard controller in software.

Any ideas or can someone point me to some places to dig for information?

Thanks in advance!
If it is a 3rd party midi software app that must be routed to Logic, you can use IAC as virtual midi cable(s). You can go to Logic Settings ->Recording and enable "Autodemix by midi channel..." box to put Logic in Multiplayer/Live mode so it can channelize the incoming midi for example (there are some other workarounds using the Environment as well). After enabling that setting you must assign the Software Instruments to different midi channels in the track inspector (note - in most scenarios they are set to "All" so you must set the instruments to ch.1,2,3,4 etc. ) You must arm all instruments "R" buttons to have midi "thru" as well.

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