Logic Pro 7 & earlier Input midi to multiple VST instruments? SURELY Logic can do this?


Using Logic 5.5. I want to do something that seems incredibly simple, but turns out is not: route incoming midi data to multiple VST instruments at the same time, channelized.

I have midi coming in on midi channels 1 and 2 but only the audio instrument that's selected in the arrange page has midi going to it. Funny though because the instruments that are not selected do have midi going through them (confirmed by a monitor after it), but it doesn't take it itself and make any sound. It's only when the tracks are actually targeted in the arrange that it works, and I can only select one track at a time.

I've selected the Demix option in the settings and have also record enabled multiple tracks in the arrange area. Again, only the track that is selected/targeted in the arrange page has any midi going to it. Nothing else.

You'd think this would work!