Logic Pro 9 Insert slur in exploded Polyphony?


I have RTFM and googled but the answer still doesn't appear. How can I get a slur in 9.1.5 to show up in the score when it must appear on exploded Polyphony on notes in voice 4?
Googling did point to a possible key command to do this, but the source I found it in was intended for VERY experienced users.

The slurs show up as meta events in the event list, but are not visible on voice 4-they show up on the three top voices as expected.

While I am boring you, what value would I use in the event list to create a triplet 16th in 2/4-nothing I try seems to get this to work. the rest of the piece is full of dotted 16th's attached to 32nd's, so I need a compound value to allow both, just to worn out to think.
Thanks in advance!
I don't know the answer to the first question, but a display quantise of 32/24 should get you the semiquaver triplets.
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Thanks Pete, I will write that down on my list of quantize complications, the other problem could just be another corrupt file.
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, the other problem could just be another corrupt file.

It could be a bug or just something that was never implemented and should have been when they added the explode polyphony feature.

One problem is that slurs (unlike notes0 don't have channels, instead they have a staff no. So if you are working on a plolyphonic two stave part, the slurs ae either staff 1 or staff 2, and positioned where you want rather attached to the notes.

So when you explode polyphony, you not only have four voices but you have four staves. The notes go correctly because each note is assigned a voice, not a staff. But the slurs are all wrongly positioned when polyphony is exploded, because they still just have staff 1 and 2 assigned.

Yes, you can then assign staffs 3 and 4, and 4 dissapears (it must be a bug) but even if that worked, it would then be wrong if you unexplode polyphony.

I'm not making excuses for Logic, this is wrong behaviour IMO. I'm saying all this in case somebody from Apple/Logic reads this.

So we really have to think of explode polyphony as an alternative but temporary view, as opposed to something useful for outputting a score.

And many many many people wish that slurs were attached to notes. Then we could transpose a part without having to move all the slurs.

End of rant.
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Pete ,thanks yet again, and you don't rant-that is my curse and I don't want to inflict it on others. Anyway, I understand your explanation and since I am am FINALLY cured from my score fetishism I use the Piano roll to get the sounds I want, even if it makes the score look like an LSD trip by Frank Zappa.I think I will stick to that and forget the invisible slurs. It may be that the key command to insert slurs was added after 9.1.5 and so it isn't in my list of commands, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try MIDI learn, or key command learn as it may be called. Also my install DVD for studio one has a corrupt empty project file, I am fairly certain of this because the same DVD's were used to install it on my MBP but it has a corrupted empty project file too. I was getting stable results by using Compose<Full Orchestra and going nuts with the delete key,it did provide a couple of reliable projects that still show no signs of corruption, unlike some governments. And I have been able to reuse those but only if I don't use the import file stuff-it may be importing the corruption, I am keeping one project in solitary adding a new MIDI file every week to see when the corruption begins and hoping that replacing the last addition will stop the the trouble with corrupt projects.OK-NOT a short reply,mea culpa, ite procul logic a me.
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