Logic Pro 8 Inserting blank time into Midi region


Hello everyone - I need to insert roughly 1/2 bar of blank time into a piano region to provide some extra room to maneuver events for the right feel.

Or - is there a way to select and move events including the sustain pedal signals at the same time? When I've tried this before, I end up having to redo some of the sustain pedal signals below.

-Anyone else needed to do this?
To insert a bit into a region, you could spilt the region, move the second half a bit later and then merge. If you can't find a place to split where there are no notes across the split point, ie the spilt point is in the middle of a note, you'll be invited to shorten or spilt the MIDI event, I find it best shorten then lengthen again after the merge.

Alternatively use the event list, as this will show all events. Select all notes from after where you want the space , and move the position by a beat or two later. don't forget to lengthen the actual region in arrange if this means the last notes now go beyond the region end.

Selecting a load of events in the event list is easy, you just have to make sure you don't slide the mouse over a value while selecting, or you change all the values obviously. (Just after the word "note" works fine)
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Thank you, Pete - very much!

I'm getting used to working w/ Logic 8 - ( I have an older Mac, so would have to get a whole new machine to upgrade to Logic 9.)

I do have one other issue I'm running into - if you wouldn't mind.

I'm sojourning into the realm of trying to use the Time and Pitch machine to modify some Apple Loops audio regions. However, the link remains grayed-out in the Factory drop window in the Sample Editor, even when the region is selected. I've tired the "convert to new audio file" - hoping this would remove any markers, settings -whatever, that might be blocking the conversion. But it still remains grayed.
Are the Apple Loops off-limits to this typed of modification?

Thanks again,
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