Logic Pro 9 Install V 9.1.5 on MBP with Lion?


I put this on the Apple discussion board, but heard nothing, so hoping someone here might have some comments.

I have V9.1.5 on an iMac i7, under 10.6.8. My first version was 5.5 complete with the Emagic key, and the current version is from a series of updates via Logic Express and Logic Studio.

I will be working with a composer a few thousand miles away, and thought I would move Logic to my MBP for a few weeks for these sessions. I installed as per usual on the MBP under Lion. I was prompted for a SN and the Emagic key at the start, and did the installation of V9.1 from DVD. This would not run under Lion, so I applied the 9.1.5 update. On launching Logic, I was prompted again for SN and Key. This time, Logic reported that my key was not eligible for this update.

Can anyone think of a reason this would not work?

It makes no sense given that I was able to update to 9.1.5 on the iMac with the same disks, SN and key. The only thing I can think that is different is that on the iMac I the original Studio update to get to Logic Pro 8, then the Studio 2 update to get to Logic Pro 9.
I went from the PC version of 5.51 with the blue dongle to three different Mac installs with no problem. First was Logic 8 Studio onto a dual 2.3 G5. No problem. Second was to Logic 9 (initial 9.0 "A" release) onto a quad 2.5 G5 direct, no previous Logic versions, no problem. Third was same Logic 9 Studio onto a Nehalem 2009 Mac Pro (quad 2.6 with hyper-threading), direct, no previous Logic versions, no problem.

I have not upgraded to Lion, can't see any benefit from it so far, and have read about others' issues leading me to believe Lion and Logic may not be such a great combo (RIP, Steve Jobs).

I have never worked on a MacBook.

Other posts have mentioned once you upgrade from the dongle to Logic 8, you can do the further update to Logic 9 with the serial number from Logic 8 -- meaning you do not need the dongle -- but I have not tried that.
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