Logic Pro 9 installation problem


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Hi all, and I hope someone can help.

I am a college teacher, and installed 10 copies of Logic Pro (9) on my college's computers. The computers are identical (iMacs) -- all running snow leopard, all up to date with software updates.

On 9 of the computers, the installation was fine. One only one of them, I was prevented from doing a full install. In essence, all the jam pack disks and the "additional content" disks were requested, but of the audio content disks, only #3 was requested.

Since I had 10 sets of disks, I tried uninstalling (according to instructions from Apple), then reinstalling with a set of disks that had worked on a different computer. Same problem.

Next, I figured that I could install anything missing after the fact, using the command under the Logic Pro menu ("Download Additional Content"). On the nine computers with the successful full installation, choosing that simply tells me that everything is installed. On the 10th computer, however, that menu item is missing!!! It simply isn't there!

So -- can anyone tell me:

Is this a known issue? The apple support people seemed not to think so.

What am I missing that would have been installed from Audio Content disks 1 and 2? I'm getting to know Logic, and have come a long way, but I don't know how to figure this out, and with so much content supplied, am wondering when what might be missing suddenly becomes a problem.

I suspect one of the things might be "soundbeds," which, I think, might relate more to Sound Track pro? I haven't explored STP yet.

Please help,

Thank you,