Logic Pro 9 Installing Logic Studio 9 on a limited size drive...What priority?


I just bought Logic Studio to be used with my Macbook Pro 13 inch for audio recording....Up to now I've been using Cubase 5 .....But I am amazed by the amount of content I get with Logic.....

The problem is that I have a limited hard drive for the time being...and when I record music, I usually build from scratch....Meaning that I don't use loops that are available with the softwares....All I need is the recording software and the effects that come with it, and possibly the virtual synths that it may have....

So could anyone tell me, what are the DVDs that I should install in priority apart from the Install DVD...Are there Effects plug-ins of the other DVDs too?? Please give me your ideas! Thanks in advance!:brkwl:
Hi Neel,

Pop the install disc in your drive and click on 'customise install...' (or similarly worded option). Here you can choose whether you want to install the xtra content like the loops, etc. The Loops will take up the majority of the space. If you prefer you can choose to install them to an external drive instead.

Then click install and the Logic installation will do the rest for you.

(Logic's instrument and effect plugins are all built-in to Logic and you can't choose NOT to install them).

Hope that helps
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To add to what Rounik already said; I'd suggest that if you need to pick and choose what to install and what to omit; leave out the Soundtrack Pro content. These account for almost 23 GB of the installer content. They are mostly sound design effects and "jingles".

If you have the room, I'd suggest installing the jam pack content. Being in CAF format, they take up relatively little space given the quantity of loops. Despite not using loops much (I don't either) they often come in handy for quick use mocking up a rough idea, or for jamming along with, etc.
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Before you install consider the fact that any 2.5" HD of the right type goes into your MacBook 13" and to install it yourself is a piece of cake. I payed some $80 for mine and don't regret it one second, not having to pick and choose what to save or use. You might want sample libraries and so on. So maybe it's better to do that before your Logic installation and have 100 and 100 of free GB.
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The best option is to replace your internal hard drive with a [now incredibly cheap] 500GB 7200RPM 2.5" SATA drive. Not only will it be way faster, but obviously hold more data.

And for a few dollars you can buy an empty 2.5" SATA case to house the old hard drive, and have it available as an external USB drive.

If you can't afford this, then just start to install Logic Studio and deselect the JamPacks (largest amount of data) and surround Impulse Responses and anything else you think you don't need.
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Thanks a lot for the precious advices....I"ve already installed the main program without the Jam Packs and Audio content. Later I will installed the rest when I get an external hard drive.....Will it be possible to install the rest of the DVD content seperately or do I need to reinstall the program to work in conjunction with the rest?
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