Logic Pro 8 Installing Logic Studio on a new Mac

just got my new Mac Pro and now I'm wondering what is the correct way to install it right ? Do I just install it with the license number or do I first have to uninstall something in the old Mac ?

Thanks :)


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Hi Jorma

No, you don't have to uninstall anything on the old mac. If you are installing the logic studio upgrade from logic 5,6,7, then you will be asked for your XSKey during the install procedure. Apart from that, the only other thing you need to enter is the serial number that came with the logic studio package. Once installed, you don't need the XSKey to run Logic Studio, but should you ever need to re-install, you would need it, so keep the Key.

If you are installing the full version, only the serial number is required.

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Mark Cahill


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Hi Jorma

If you leave the key in, AFAIR, I think the installer should find it by itself. Admittedly, it's quite a while since I did this, but it is very straightforward. While it is alway nice to do a clean install with only the latest version of a software package, with regard to logic just remember one thing - if you need to access old, pre logic 5 files, you will still need logic 5, 6 or 7 around to open and save those old files, after which they can be opened in logic 8. If you will need to do this, and want to only have the latest software on the new Mac, perhaps the easiest thing would be to hang on to your older Mac and use that.

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Hi Mark and thanks :)
It is an upgarde version so should I leave the XSkey logged on ?

Thanks :)
Hi Jorma,

I just went through the same proceedure and, yes, as Mark says, you don't have to uninstall the version on your old computer, or install the older version of Logic on your Mac Pro first - the upgrade is the complete version, so you can install it clean. As for the XS key, if I remember correctly, you don't necessarily need this connected at the beginning of the installation process, but at some point during installation, you'll be prompted to either type in the serial number of your older Logic version, or alternatively to connect the XS key.
Hope this helps,

I have a related question...:
I too just got a new Mac Pro and am waiting for my L8 Studio upgrade (from L7 pro,) to arrive...

What if I want to bring over channel strip settings and synth patches that I created in L7?
Is this as easy as transferring the folders from one "Library> Application Support folder" to the Mac Pro's folder?
Truth be told, I used the Apple's Migration Assistant (& posted an unanswered thread about it here recently,) and saw that it did just that. But, like anything else, I am wary as I have read much about L8 not liking L7 as a foundation.



Hi Charlie,

Yes, bringing in old plug in setting or channel strip settings is a simple matter of moving them around in the Finder and placing them in the correct locations.The .pst and .cst formats seem to be the same between v. 7 and v.8.
Well my Logic Studio is now OK..sort of :) some plug ins mixed up still going on but I seem to have a problem about Logic not seeing my old EXS-24 samples ? I have an alias in my me/Library/Application Support/Logic for "Sampler Instruments" that are on a different drive but my EXS-24 does not see them ? ANy suggestions.. and oh, I seem to get the registeration card coming up every now and then but I can only choose "Register later" ?
Ah never mind. Turns out that while I had copied the samples the instruments folder wasn't copied- It now works fine :)

I got the new Nehalem 8-core Mac and it's a monster. Songs that I had difficulties running at 256 latency settings in G5 with freezing now barely register without the freezing and at 128 latency setting. I'm really happy :)


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Congratulations, Jorma, and welcome to the "8 Cylinder Club" :)

I experienced the same switching from a G5 2 x 2.5 to the original 2007 model 8 core. The current Nehalems I understand are way faster than my "legacy" model :eeek:

kind regards

Thanks Mark :)
and if the next version of Logic gives us the still missing 8 CPU's then sky is the limit or the amount of RAM, whichever comes first :)
"I got the new Nehalem 8-core Mac and it's a monster. Songs that I had difficulties running at 256 latency settings in G5 with freezing now barely register without the freezing and at 128 latency setting. I'm really happy :)"

No doubt. That thing sounds like a monster. I'm just running a Macbook pro intel core 2 duo at 2.16ghz, and I'm actually pretty happy. BUT sometimes, stuff freezes and it does suck...