Instances of Play/MIDI Channels?


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Hi, Folks --

I've been using Logic for several years and love it as a composing and production tool, but I've run into a question that's holding me up.

When I use EastWest Quantum Leap products in Sibelius or Finale, the Play engine shows up once and I can load a number of instruments within one instance of Play and map them to different MIDI channels. I've not figured out how to do that in Logic yet, and so have had to open different instances of Play in separate tracks, which is a real CPU hog.

I know I must be missing something really obvious here. How do tracks in Logic map to MIDI channels, and how do I access several instruments from within the same instance of Play? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



You need to create a multi timbral software instrument. If you are using Logic 9.1.6 or later (I think it was 9.1.6?) you can optionally actually use the Aux tracks generated from muti output software instruments directly in your Arrange Window (Tracks Area if you are on Logic 10) to playback and record MIDI.