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Logic 9 Instrument names changing

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by fretman, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. fretman

    fretman Logician

    Greetings - new Logic user/forum member here. (I'm a 10+ year PC/Cakewalk user, recently converted...) Anyways, I've got the basics down, but will have tons of questions for the group in the months to come, I'm sure.

    Firstly, I'm experiencing a situation where I pick a software instrument from the library - for example "reborn organ". Then, after working on my song for a while, I revisit the instrument, and while it's still called "reborn organ" in the arrange window, the instrument in the library is totally different - in fact "reborn organ" is nowhere to be found, unless I start from scratch with a new track. It seems like what's happening is it starts out with a generic name, then later takes on the name of the actual patch of the actual instrument. Whatever it is, it's confusing - hoping someone knows what I'm talking about, and can explain it! TIA.
  3. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Logician

    It's a little hard to figure out by the post exactly what you are doing but it seems you are taking some different parts for the same - when they are in fact very different, each one with its own name class in the Library and Arrange window. Check out the difference between these three things:

    1. Virtual Instrument Preset name
    2. Arrange window Track name
    3. Channel Strip name
  4. Petrosil

    Petrosil Logician

    The Library is simply working context sensitive. This means if you create a new empty track you'll get displayed the channel strip settings that are appropriate for this channel strip type (e.g. Audio, Software Instrument).

    Now if you have loaded plug-ins in the channel strip, and click on one plug-in slot or open the plug-in window the Library shows the plug-ins settings for the currently selected plug-in.

    In case you create External MIDI tracks the Library will show the MIDI ports and Environment objects the track may be assigned to.

    To to get back to the instrument channel strip settings view of the Library simply click the channel strip setting slot on top of the desired channel strip, and the Library will change it's view accordingly. You can determine the current focus of the Library in the Arrange Channel Strip in Inspector. The channel strip setting slot or plug-in slot that is currently visible in Library has a white halo around it.

    Another note: The Library can only show settings of channel strips for which an Arrange track does exist. This means for example you can select channel strip settings for an Output or AUX channel strip in the Mixer, but as long as no actual track does exist for these channel strips you cannot see the collection of available channel strip settings for this channel strips in the Library.

    Btw.: You have at least read that "Getting Started" manual that comes with Logic, haven't you?:)


  5. fretman

    fretman Logician

    Thanks - I do get that. I realize my question is difficult to understand!
  6. fretman

    fretman Logician

    Thanks - I do get the different sections, just overlooked how to get back focus.

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