Integrating Melodyne within regions


If you've seen this video about the ARA technology: might agree what a sweet thing it would be if Melodyne were integrated within Logic regions.

This technology is currently only available in PreSonus "Studio One", but Celemony are in talks with a variety of different manufacturers to get this also into other DAWs. Jörg Hüttner suggests that sending emails to Apple requesting this might help.

Has this been mentioned here before, and if so I apologise.
Otherwise, what chance an LUG campaign?


Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
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I guess that depends what you mean by "campaign."

If you want to post here and recommend that people write Apple's Logic Feedback address with the request, you are more than welcome to keep posting about it-we can make it a "sticky" post if you'd like so it doesn't get lost in the crowd.

But if you mean you want the LUG to "collect signatures" I honestly believe that more individual emails would have a greater effect. I think that each email to Feedback is logged, so that 1000 emails will log as more urgent in their system than 1 email with 1000 "signees."

The days of Emagic/Apple having a NAMM booth where we can physically hand a list of names to the developers, however, is over.



Orren: thanks for that - I wasn't thinking of a lobby message, we've tried that in the past with the 'Score Wishlist Rolling Blackboard' ( which dates me, I suppose) - which was largely ignored by first Hamburg, then completely by Cupertino.
I'll work out a suitable form of words then post it