Intelligent Cycle Mode

Here's one that ticks me off every day:

Why can't Logic center a cycle if the resolution of your loop size could fit onto a single editor?

Here's my example: I have a 4 bar cycle loop selected between bars 4 and 8. My zoom level allows me to see 6 bars, from bars 1 through 6. I can only se the first 2 bars of my edited cycle area.

When I press play, the cycle now shows from bars 6 through 12. I can't see the first 2 bars of the area I want to edit. Why can't Logic be smart enough to know how to center the cycle region in the editor, rather than making me have to use the scroll arrow to center it myself.

I would even mind if Logic Pro scrolled faster, but it is actually slower today on 8/9 than it was on Logic 4/5 on my old G4.

Seems like a no brainer to me....

George Leger III

Peter Ostry

Staff member
+1 vote.

But what would Logic do when the cycle is wider than the editor? Jumping to start, middle, end, can all be wrong.
Could be a setting in the editor behavior, or a button that can enable or disable. How ever it's done, it's not very good right now.