interfaces/mic pre


so i just switched to logic because my pt mix plus system crapped out and cost too much to replace. i have had a couple different firewire interfaces in the last week that just dont work right. gtr ctr swore that i could daisy chain a couple of profire2626s, but of course, that doesnt work. and sweetwater just wants to sell me 20k worth of gear i cant afford. what do you guys use? i will be taking the profires back and need to stay in that price range. roughly 1400. and i need 16 ins. any help? thanks
i need the pres as well. i have a few outboard pieces, but for drums and such i was using the focusrites in the control24. (theyre horrible, but they worked) so now that my pt system is out, i no longer have those.
16 I/O with pres for $1,400 is going to be tough. Your best bet is probably some MOTU hardware with litepipe; and then something like the Presonus Digimax FS to add 8 I/O and pres through the litepipe connection.
Two Presonus Firestudio? You can daisy-chain up to 4 of them via the control software. If you want you can also get the optional remote control which is basically a monitor controller. Sweetwater asks for $1400 for two Firestudio and the remote control. They have currently a B-Stock Firestudio and a demo unit, these would save you $200.
well, i really prefer the 2626 pres over the presonus stuff. so after a bit of "soul searching" today, it clicked. there is a lightpipe in and out. so i hooked one to the mac via firewire, and used the other as a standalone with lightpipe outs. it took a bit of work and configuring, but it all came together. so, for future reference, it does work. thanks for all the input and advice. working on the apogee now. only 10k to go!!!!