'Intermediate level' Logic Pro hobbyist here


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Hi everyone

Thanks for accepting me on the forum. I have been using LPX since it was launched in 2013, mostly as a home hobbyist.
Prior to that I was a PC user, using Reason 4 and Adobe Audition 3.5.
Prior to that I was all analog using R2R and multitrack cassette.

I'm a one-armed keyboard player and I've just finished building my 'dream' home studio in my rented home in Lancashire, England

Thought I'd join here to offer any help I can to newbies, and also maybe pick up a few hints and tips myself along the way.




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Hi there, welcome to the LUG. That looks like a very nice studio set up, thanks for sharing the photos!

kind regards



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Thanks for the welcome, Mark. Happy to be here.

I've had a few niggly frustrations getting my new Studio Max + Logic Pro 10.7 to work well with my Icon Qcon Pro X and XS control surfaces. They worked absolutely fine with my previous iMac which was brick-walled to High Sierra and Logic 10.4. However I've got there in the end.

As much as anything I've joined here in case I can offer help to anyone having similar frustrations, not least with the bug introduced somewhere between Logic 10.5 and 10.7 where it doesn't recognise multiple control surfaces as different devices unless you juggle the icons round in the Setup window and juggle them back again.