Logic Pro 8 Invalid Regions Problem


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Greetings all,
Only find one similar post on this issue, so thought I would put a new thread out there.
My problem:
I recorded some audio in Garageband and then opened the file in Logic 8. Everything seemed fine. I began editing the file; removing regions, splitting regions and moving regions around.
Now, when I open the file, I get an Invalid Regions message. Everything seems ok at the start of the track, but then, later in the track, the audio file for the regions has been replaced with an audio file from the beginning of the track.
Not sure what is happening. I think that somewhere in the edit process the regions numbers started to repeat and Logic did not track all of the changes. Hoping there is an easy fix for this. Don't have the time to re-edit everything!

Also wondering, what is the best way to work on a project on two computers? And keep up with the changes. Thought if I copied the project folder in Finder that everything would work, but now I'm thinking that using the Save a Copy from Logic is better.

Logic 8.0.2, MacPro dual quad core, 16MB ram w/OS X 10.5.8