Invisible or Disappearing midi region.


I have separated a region by channel. It shows 2 regions in the region inspector on the top left. Once I try to select the region, one region disappears. I have repeated this to make sure multiple times. I have created another track and grabbed the one existing region and moved it leaving an empty track. However the empty track plays back the channel
Logic s.s..jpeg
separated region. I have solo'd the track to make sure. I also see the software instrument's visual response to the part although there is no region on the track. I seem to have other midi anomolies when overdubbing on a track overlapping an existing region. If I edit the one region, the one overlapped by it loses the notes. I know the picture doesn't prove anything. Take my word for it. It's playing the part I separated by channel.

Is there a way to reset this latest 10.3.2 version without losing my preferences? BTW this problem started before this latest version.