Is a Digi 002 interface problematic with Logic?

I am switching to Mac Pro Laptop/Logic Express 9 and ditching my Dell Desktop/Protools 7.0 setup. Can anyone advise me whether I can use my existing Digi 002 interface? What problems might it cause? Or should I just sell it and buy a Duet interface. My goal is to record to my Yamaha ES8 keyboard, create tracks in Logic, do vocals (phantom powered Baby Bottle mikes) and bounce to disk.
Avid/Digidesign provides a stand-alone driver, so you should be able to use the 002 with no problems. The Apogee Duet will not work with Pro Tools LE, so I would try out your 002 with Logic before changing things around. I have two Logic systems, and use a Digidesign Eleven Rack as an interface with the Logic 9 setup. It works just fine.
Link for stand alone driver for Digi 002?

Thanks for your good advice. Could you provide me with a link for the stand alone driver for Digi 002 when using Logic Express 9? I have found Avid to be rather "user unfriendly" and am easily lost in it. My slow Internet connection speed confounds surfing the heavy Avid site.
If you had ProTools LE installed on the same computer, then a driver should have been installed when you installed ProTools. Sounds like you are moving from a PC onto a Mac, so that is not the case.

The link below is for Intel based Macs only, PowerPC Macs are not supported because this is the 8.03 driver. The last Protools version to run on a PPC Mac is 8.01cs2. This version requires Leopard or Snow Leopard.

The available downloads include a readme and user guide, in addition to the installer.

The standalone driver should only be installed if you do not have ProTools installed. Read the support page info before you download:
Will use the Avid link for stand alone driver

Again, thank you for your assistance. My new Mac Pro Notebook with not have Protools installed, so the stand alone will suffice. Best!
Does anyone know how to hook up the digidesign 003 console as an audio interface for logic pro? thanks
Logic 9 and Stand Alone Driver

Hello JuanTahnahmahrah,
I have an issue I was hoping to send your way for advice. I purchased Logic 9 because I absolutely adore it. I have, and occasionally use Protools 7 and my hardware includes a MBox 2 and a 002 rack. I am using a MacBook with 10.6.7 (I believe it's called Leopard.

Here is my issue, I can get Logic and the MBox 2 to work together. I cannot get my 002 rack to work with Logic 9 at all.

I read on some other forum that Digidesign no longer supports Logic 7 and the only way I can get a driver that will allow Logic 9 and the 002 to work together is to purchase Protools 9. Apparently, that will give me the driver I need to get my 002 Rack to work with Logic 9.

I don't have the money to frivolously spend on program upgrades, especially when after using Logic 9 I wonder if I would ever use Protools again.

Please advise if my information is correct and if there is a work around. I am currently without a multi-track inter-phase.

Thank you for your time!