is AU old?


AU cant send midi to other plugins, WTF, why Apple ?.

Yes,changing to Logic without reading up on the AU concept was not a great idea, I just thought AU was superior to VST

I cant use midi arpeggiators in Logic, that sucks when Logics own is to simple and troublesome

I cant use composition tools inside Logic, but have to rewire from Live, big shame..

Anyone know if the AU concept is about to add this ?, Have written to Apple but never had a reply


This is from NI moderator in 2006,

AU plugins cannot send MIDI Data to other AU Plugins.

VST plugins can send MIDI data to to other VST plugins.

Logic uses AU plugins.... that means the Maschine Software cannot send MIDI to another plugin in Logic because Logic uses AU plugins.

To use Maschine to the full, go Live or Cubase..

Apple killed Logic

you know, the funny thing is that I don't really notice the things you are pointing out. For example, if I want to use an arpeggiator, I load a plug-in that has one built in, like Predator or Albino, and I use that. If I want something from Reason, I just rewire to Logic and record the midi data from Reason into Logic, and then I can do anything I wish to it in Logic.

Most things can save midi as a standard midi file, so I can use that.

Kontakt has a whole programming language to let me do lots of cool things while working in Logic, All my drum modules (Stylus RMX, Additive Drums, iDrum) can all sync to Logic, and I can take a sequence and drop the midi data right into Logic.

Finally, Logic's built in arpeggiator is as good as many synth's were/are. once I cable it in, I can record the data, then edit it, etc.

So, when I think of the technology, and how I can work today, I sure can't complain much. Try working on a Korg SQD-1 if you wanna know what "difficult" technology was like, or sample with a "mirage", or deal with pre-midi synth synchronization.

While UA is different than VST, I can accept that Apple, when developing OSX and deciding what to do with a plug-in standard, didn't really want to be at the mercy of Steinberg, who are known to hold back the VST standard information until after they release a plug-in, so they can be ahead of other developers. I know I sure wouldn't.

So, I hope this gives you something to think about. I'm sure that after a while, you, as most if not all of us, will accept the AU standard for what it is: a pretty good way of doing things, though not perfect.


Then you are all right.. (dont know what you missing:hippy:)

I would like to control converted Max Msp patches, to control 8 effects with data from lets say a midi gate or...

Kontakt, Stylus RMX, Additive Drums, iDrum,

Well that adds up, (I like the script in kontakt, but not the sound:mad: )

What I would like to know, having been away from Logic since 2006, has anything been added to the AU concept, can this be done, or is it impossibly ?

Peter Ostry

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AU cant send midi to other plugins
This is only half the truth.
Audio Units cannot send MIDI directly to other plugins, but they can send it to a MIDI port. And from there you can get it to any plugin.

The question is, if the plugins you want to use send MIDI. Just a few do because the manufacturers insist saying, "AU can't send MIDI". Well.

I would like to control converted Max Msp patches, to control 8 effects with data from lets say a midi gate or...
Then you would need a gate that sends MIDI when it closes and opens? I doubt that such a thing exists. You can do it with Plogue Bidule, it runs standalone and as plugin. I don't believe that they have an audio gate that sends MIDI but you can detect the existence of an audio signal, which would do the trick in the case of a gate.


and I read "rumors" about the release of AU2 or something like that, as VST2.4 and VST3. But as always, "rumors".;)