Logic Pro X Is it better to turn down the increased volume from reverb with gain plugin or fader?


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Reverb makes my midi piano louder when using keyscape in logic pro x. Is it better to turn down the increased volume from reverb (or other fx) with a gain plugin or the volume fader in my logic pro x mixer?

Pete Thomas

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If I want to automate the volume of a track I use the Gain plugin, if I don't want to automate I use the regualr volume fader.

The reason for this is if you automate the volume fader you have to change all the levels of automation evrytime you want to adjust the overall level of that track in the mix.

Having said that it is not entirely clear how you are configuring this. Is the reverb generated by keyscape along with the sound (I'm not totally sure what keyscape is), or is it via the "normal method" of a pre fade send to an effect insterted on an aux? If it is on asend, make sure it isn't pre-fader of course.

I just re-read the question and am now wondering if you mean just turning down the reverb, not the dry signal. So a better explanation of what's going on and what you want may be useful here.
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